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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three's a Charm: Etihad Unveils Airbus A380, Boeing 787-9, and New Uniforms

The rule of three is a writing concept that suggests things are more satisfying when presented in groups of three. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad
must have taken this to heart when planning their big reveal today, as
they've not only gone ahead and welcomed their first superjumbo Airbus A380, but also thrown in a new Boeing 787-9, and a complete revamp of the crew uniforms.

The big advancements here are Economy seats with fixed headrests
(supposedly covered in locally sourced camel leather) for easier napping
for both airplanes, and brand new premium classes. The A380 is the
show-stopper, with the "Business Studio" and "First Apartment" seats
adopting a residential elegance that has a good chance of making
passengers forget they're even on a plane. And there's no ignoring the Etihad Residence, a private jet cabin within a superjumbo, for a First Class above First.

Journalist John Walton,
a friend of Jaunted, is in Abu Dhabi for the Etihad press events and
has been tweeting up a storm, finally offering first-person images of
the interiors after the months we've been left to drool over only the

Etihad's A380

Etihad's 787-9

New Uniforms:

Out with the grey and in with the purple! Etihad's new look is , and the
change will be a fast one; the uniforms will show up on Etihad
personnel beginning December 27.

Travelers will for sure hear and see more about Etihad's new
aircraft in 2015 as they begin flying from the Middle East to London,
Germany, and eventually India. The planes are so detailed, so highly
customized on the inside, and so striking on the outside with the new
"facets" livery that it'll be impossible not to double-take as they
glide around the apron at airports. For now, only a few select VIPs have
seen the real thing.

[Photos: John Walton, Airbus, Etihad]

 || Jaunted

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