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Friday, December 26, 2014

How to Look Better in One Minute

To put an end to ever uttering the phrase "I have nothing to wear," we've culled our editors' styling tips
to bring you a wealth of one-minute change-up-your-wardrobe styling
tricks. That way you can head into the New Year with plenty of sartorial
optimism and create lots of standout outfits. But we realize that
sometimes you only have a minute, and in those moments, it helps to have
a few quick techniques on hand to steer you straight through a style
conundrum. Read on to crib some simple solutions to use when you're pressed for time in 2015.

  • Layer up with a vest. A vest is an easy way to transition
    from day to night — just add a denim or leather version for a cool
    downtown vibe over a dress or top.
  • A bold bag can literally be a bright spot in an otherwise corporate
    wardrobe. If your office dress code doesn't leave lots of room to
    indulge your stylish side, a splash of color on your bag might be the best way to get your fashion fix.
  • Add a statement necklace — it instantly dresses up a look! The addition of a bold jeweled necklace,
    even on a dull tee or tank, instantly draws the eye in and makes your
    basics feel infinitely more special. Forget the t-shirt lurking under
    that standout necklace — everyone else will too.
  • Rule of thumb this season? The bolder, the better. Style a
    colorful floral blouse paired with a slick leather skirt for a more
    evening feel or go daytime polish in cropped kaleidoscope-hued pants
    with a casual button-down.
  • Cinch your look at the waist. By adding a textured,
    embellished, or bold belt, you're not only injecting a cool accessory
    into the mix, but you're also adding extra shape and dynamic to your
    silhouette. Let's put some stock into the saying "If you got it, flaunt
  • Play up your feminine side with a pair of girlie patterned
    tights. We absolutely adore heart-embellished tights as a cute, easy
    style add-on. Or if you prefer a daintier dotted print, rock 'em with a
    pretty, floral dress; a silk blouse; or a lace-inspired number.
  • Don't let the shape of a floppy hat fool you. The boho-style
    feel of a bigger, more "cumbersome" hat can translate into easier
    accessorizing capability and a higher return on fashion daring. Drape
    the front, wide brim artfully over one side of your face — without
    blinding yourself, of course — and reap the benefits of the heady
    dramatic effect.
  • Spice up any look, from casual cool to formal affair, with a little something leopard. The exotic print
    adds flair and texture without having to do little more than throw on
    your favorite leopard-enhanced piece. Try a leopard scarf over an
    all-black getup, or a patterned cardigan with a flirty, feminine dress.
  • A pleated skirt is a great transitional look regardless of
    your age or height and always manages to look pretty and ladylike no
    matter what you pair it with. Don't be afraid to rock your pleats with a
    striped tee (stripes are pretty much a neutral, as far as we're
    concerned) — even though the lines may be going in different directions,
    it'll result in an effortless, I-just-threw-this-on Parisian look. In
    the same vein, a pleated skirt with ballerina flats looks très chic as
  • Try colorblocking. It takes almost no effort at all to
    execute — just find your favorite colorful pieces and pair 'em up. The
    effect is striking but supersimple to achieve. Whether it's a colorblock
    sweater-and-jeans combo or a sweet juxtaposition of a bold dress over
    opaque tights, it's a zippy way to spice up a look.
  • Look to a red lip to punch up your whole look. It takes just a
    moment to add a bold red lip, but its effect is like finishing your
    look with an exclamation point — it livens everything up.
  • Play with texture — mixing and matching textures like
    chambray and leather or a cozy knit and sequins will lend a dynamic
    stye-setting twist to your basics. Try pairing a tweedy skirt with a
    leather jacket or playing off an angora sweater against silky bottoms
    for an unexpectedly cool juxtaposition.
  • Flatter your frame with skin-colored heels. We know we've
    said it before, but the effect of slipping on a pair of natural-looking
    heels or wedges with a shorter dress or skirt will work wonders for your
    legs and give the illusion of longer, slimmer stems. No matter what
    occasion you're dressing for, that's always a plus.
  • Don't underestimate the classics. We're often drawn to upcoming trends, but it's not always the newer the better. Need the proof? Just look to icons like Kate Middleton for the proof in the power of wardrobe mainstays like a great navy blazer or a perfectly fitted sheath dress.
  • Scarves have serious styling power in a pinch. Brighten up your style with a printed scarf or brightly hued wrap. It only takes seconds to throw on, and it can take your basics to a much more interesting place with its texture, print, or color.
  • Go for fitted silhouettes. It sounds simple enough, but the
    truth is a silhouette that skims the body versus looser, baggier fits is
    generally going to look more polished and make you look slimmer. Don't
    go skintight, but stick to pieces that highlight your best features and
    fit relatively close to the body.
— Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak, Marisa Tom, and Hannah Weil

 | POPSUGAR Fashion

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