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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Multiple Personalities of Air France's New Business Class Seat

Air France
realizes that passenger load fluctuates, and since their product is
perishable (once a plane takes off, those unsold seats are lost revenue)
, they’re hit the chalkboard to brainstorm creative solutions for
maximizing passenger comfort while still flying full planes.

The result are new business class cabins across their long-haul fleet,
with the unique ability to change up the cabin class when premium travel
slows. These seats can be switched into economy class seats, ideal for
periods like the summer when tourist and budget traveler numbers to
Europe are high and the expense accounts are more likely to stay home.

As many as 24 out of 40 lie-flat business seats can be removed to add back 60 coach seats for you and me.

These latest seating systems will arrive across some of the
carrier’s Boeing 777s. Obviously there’s a little work to be done to
achieve this cabin change, so boarding won't be disrupted by a frenzied
switch from Biz to Econ. Instead, it'll all happen behind the scenes and
before you step onboard.

[Photo: Air France]

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