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Friday, March 8, 2013

Kanye's Homophobic Guilt Prompts Him To Erase All Photos of Him In A Kilt

Kanye West apparently got Getty Images to take down all of the photos of the rapper performing in that leather kilt. Because that worked so well last time.
The father-to-be has allegedly asked photo agency Getty Images to remove all photos of him wearing the skirt at a concert in aid of Hurricane Sandy last December after receiving jibes from fellow rappers, reports The Sun.
The British tabloid is tying the disappearance of the photos to some homophobic dis track written by a random rapper, which seems like a stretch — why would Kanye care about what some rapper nobody has ever heard of thinks of his skirt? But you can't argue this fact: all the photos of a kilt-wearing Kanye which were previously on Getty are gone. Dozens of concert photos no longer come up. Including the one that tops this post, which we downloaded from the photo service before all the images were scrubbed.
Kanye Doesn't Want You to See This Photo of Him in a Kilt, So He Had It Scrubbed From Getty Images But this video, produced by the rapper's personal videographer, will live on. For now. In it, Kanye discusses the selection of the Givenchy kilt with his stylist and the members of his team at almost painful length.
"I love this, I don't care if people think I am wearing a kilt or not wearing a kilt," said Kanye of the kilt at the time. "I love the silhouette. I think it's, like, really modern."
Now all we'll have to remember the kilt by are the snarky Tweets that greeted Kanye's appearance at the Sandy relief concert last year:
And the memegenerator post. And the parody Twitter account. And, you know, all the pictures of Kanye wearing a kilt that were downloaded before the photo service took them down. Because nothing is ever truly erased from the Internet.

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