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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tatted Brit Super Hunk David McIntosh Gets Naked For "Attitude" Mag

David McIntosh is the latest unnecessarily hot hunk to strip down for Attitude magazine to promote safer sex.

Model and TV personality Kelly Brook gets to see the

Former American Gladiator in all his glory on the regular, but so do his neighbors since David is anything but modest.

“I live in an apartment with buildings facing onto it, so when I walk
around letting it all hang out I give the neighbours a bit of a shock,”
McIntosh told Attitude. “I do my exercise routines and make my
protein shake naked. If you appreciate your body, why would you want to
cover it up? You might as well show it off.”

Always one to practice what he preaches, McIntosh barely owns any
clothes and those he does own are either skintight or end up pooled at
his feet. Which is where you can find me once I finish trolling through
David’s Instagram:

What’s best, McIntosh has a sense of humor about it all, and really
isn’t that the sexiest thing about a man? Besides a drop-dead perfect
body, a devilishly handsome face and an ass that won’t quit even if it
had a job:

“There is only one time I’ll cover my organic,stallion,grass fed
quads in the gym! and that’s when wearing a ridiculously Loud pair of

“Ohhhhhhh my cute lil baby mwah mwahhhhh, were going straight to Gucci to get you a to die for blazer”

“where titans come to get there fix of earthly nutrition. P.s the rain dissolved my top”

“Trying the sweet boy lines on Jennifer Hudson watch the video”

“Hiiiiii and welcome to an afternoon reading session with me
Smithington james. Today we’ll delve into the thrilling world of
flowers. From their birth to their decorative displays within the
English countryside.”

“Hiiiiiii I’m naked so ermmmm vote for me”

“Walk with me… Take a journey into the Unkown…. Release the power of the booty and GROW!”

Now that’s what I call cheeky.

You can get David McIntosh all to yourself in the latest issue of Attitude magazine — featuring former rugby god Thom Evans — here.

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