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Monday, May 26, 2014

Little kitchen expands into living room + three minor hacks

Materials: Besta cabinet, Faktum kitchen, Numerar countertop

We moved into a new flat and wanted to use our previous Faktum
kitchen. The trouble was that it simply couldn’t fit into the smaller
place (or I would have to live without a dishwasher – which was not a
possibility). So we decided to go with the trend and join the living
room area with kitchen. And this is the result.



We discovered that IKEA doesn’t sell Faktum in this black wood design
any more, so we used stainless steel decor for components that we
didn’t have. Which looks really good plus kids can use it as a magnetic






We bought Besta cabinet, joined it with Faktum under the Numerar
countertop and remodeled it to hide the computer and media. To prevent
the computer from overheating, we drilled few holes into the cabinet and
attached the fans onto the holes to ensure the air circulation. It may
not be obvious from the photos but there is maybe 3” wide space between
the Besta cabinet and the countertop. Note: The fan driving the hot air
out is also keeping your feet warm while you are working :-)

And finally I add three minor hacks or ideas which are part of the living room or kitchen:

- Chandelier out of Sekond cables, Ledare E27 and Torka

- Dryer hideout built from remaining Numerar countertop

- Wall herb garden made of Asker and Grundtal





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