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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Timeless vs. Trendy: Decorating with Darts

It's tough to keep a room feeling fresh and quirky while staying away from things that are a little too trendy. Case in point: my "Keep Calm" poster felt whimsical four years ago, and now I'm itching to replace it. This time, I'm looking to more timeless sources of fun — like the classic pub game of darts.
Darts and dartboards have been hanging around bars in the US and UK for centuries, entertaining competitive patrons. Why not bring them home and put them to use around the house? Here are a few ideas. You can use darts:
  1. To Hang Jewelry and Other Knick-Knacks: Arrange darts on a dartboard, then hang it in an entryway or closet to catch small objects. Julia of Philukosays that the whole thing is surprisingly stable when you push the darts firmly all the way into the dartboard.
  2. To Hang Coats: These coat hooks are designed to look like darts poking out of the wall, but rest assured they can handle the load. Designed by Anthony Chrisp, they're discontinued but can be found online from a few resellers (like Amazon ... 4 left!)
  3. To Hang Art: Inspired by a store display at Kate Spade, Andi of All Put Together used a dart to hang a frameless print in her home. She replaced the dart's flights (the fins on the end) with patterned scrapbooking paper for extra credit.
  4. As Artwork Itself: For graphic flair, use a vintage dartboard anywhere you would use framed art, such as hung on the wall in a gallery, or leaning behind a tabletop vignette. Etsy has a ton of these, like this one from Little Dog Vintage for $35.
  5. As Vase Filler: Complete a vignette in a basement or game room with a piece of glassware filled with vintage wooden darts. Get the real thing from Etsy , or buy these vintage replicas from Pottery Barn ($19).

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