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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Drop-Leaf Desk: Small Side Table Converts into Work Surface

Article by Urbanist , filed under Furniture & Decor in the Design category.
small space modular desk
Designed as carefully as it is hand-crafted, this Tablet Desk has a deceptively streamlined look that hides a series of modular features and space-saving strategies, all made with technology in mind.
small desk close up
small desk in context
If setting aside a whole room for a home office is simply not an option, this dual-purpose wooden desk and end table lets you put work aside with relative ease, then flip out extra surface area supported with magnetized wooden legs.
small desk magnet legs
small digital work surface
Both the original two-toned and the newer 2.0 version from UK design studioBee9  combine efficient storage and work space with minimal materials. Each also has a small-as-possible physical footprint, all oriented toward digital-first and future-proof use cases.
small desk hidden cords
small desk tablet area
Modular panels and other moving components acknowledge that users will have wants and needs that cannot be universally anticipated, including ways to route cords (and places to keep them out of the way) and vertical surfaces against which to lean tablets or other devices.
The making-of video above shows the initial Tablet Design being carefully constructed – watching it reveals some of the subtle detailing and much of the behind-the-scenes effort required to integrate all of the necessary functionality.
small desk modular panels
small desk open design
From the designers: “Deceptively simple and endlessly adaptable, the Bee9 tablet desk is designed to redefine where you can put a desk. Frugal in its use of material and space, the desk [plus] side table makes optimum use of limited space.

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