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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best picks of essential wardrobe items

We're constantly looking for 'that perfect piece' even though we're mostly just browsing the internet, sale racks and windowshopping. The feeling of buying an item and seeing it somewhere just that tiny bit more perfect, gets us every time - I know I do...
That's why basics, or wardrobe staples, are not to be underestimated. It might sound like a total idiotic thing to do, but searching and finally finding that perfect white tee, striped shirt or (gasp!) leather jacket can make you loose the constant feeling of I have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes! 
But throwing away 3/4 of your wardrobe and running to the nearest high end department store and buying that expensive cotton blouse isn't necessary. Because, as cost-effective and sartorially sustainable it may sound, that5 Piece French Wardrobe thing is never going to happen. You know it, we know it, so let's just face it.
So we've put together the best picks of the best wardrobe essentials. Which might help you to get to grips with the neverending basics story, by letting you know what to focus on in a wardrobe essential so that is becomes just that -essential.

Loose boyfriend jeans
The best advice in jeans buying is to invest in a good one, which can be priceylike this Acne one .
Washing your jeans as least as possible is a weird idea but it prevents them from getting soft and saggy. Clean off stains and hang them in the bathroom when you're in the shower, they will be refreshed and will keep their original fit longer.

The black pump
Unmistakably the most classic shoe around: able to be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses - both dressy and casual chique. And where else go but to Yves Saint Laurent (ok, ok, Saint Laurent Paris) for a good great pair of pumps.
They should tick a few boxes though:
- Patent (because looks nice and stays nice if you treat it nicely)
Easy to walk on (they should be worn often and comfortable, as far as heels go)
No fuss but a little detail (this 'thorn' detail on the heel is just a little something else)

The stripe tee
Multi-wearable, simple and flattening for everyone, the stripe tee is a perfect basic tee under or over any garment. Get yours from the Comme des Garçons Play collection with a lovely little heart on it.

The gray jeans
One of our favorite budget buys and a definite all time favorite in any season,the gray jeans from Cheap Monday. Fitted in the right places and a good shade of gray that complements every outfit. Get them now or stock in at sales in every other colour.

The classic watch
You might want to rethink buying that car after seeing this Cartier watch .No, we're kidding, though these watches are timeless in that they are even passed down through generations, their price tag is still a bit hefty.
Save up, ask your boyfriend nicely or choose a cheaper alternative, as long as you stay with the small rectangular timepiece and a brown or black leather strap.
Getting shop-vibes? Satisfy them here  on our shop page - specially dedicated to our 'Best picks'

By Suzanne Stal

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