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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rihanna rocks a statement coat for her family dinner.

Rihanna Out For Dinner In Los Angeles
Here’s Rihanna heading
out for a family dinner in LA last night. Talk about a statement coat!
Forget whatever she was wearing underneath- and it was a family dinner,
so I’m assuming she was wearing something underneath, but with Rihanna
you never know- that coat is an outfit in itself ;). RELATED: Rihanna rocked a big frock at the Grammys: Love It or Hate It?
Rihanna cuddled with a baby relative as they left the restaurant. You
can see the pictures in the photo gallery below. The flashes from the
paparazzi cameras must’ve been something for that little one, but the
baby took it in stride with the pacifier in mouth ;).

This season has been very minimalist, style-wise, with lots of
pastels and such, so Rihanna’s coat is a welcome change. Are you a fan? I


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