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Sunday, November 30, 2014

6 Signs Your Clothing Style Is Horrible

Fashion girls
you ever doubt your fashion sense whenever you look at yourself in the
mirror? Well, if you do, it is normal and it means you need to improve.
Most of the time, you will always tell when you try on an unflattering
outfit. You may not even know what is exactly wrong but your instincts
will tell you that something is wanting.
In order to always ensure you are in the right outfit and your
fashion sense is elegant and appealing, you need to first know whether
your fashion taste is okay. You need to look out for signs your clothing
style is horrible and then work on that. By clothing in the right
style, you will always stand out from the crowd. Your clothing style
ought to add elegance and beauty to your appearance.


A person’s dressing sense is only good when the person is aware of
the latest happenings and trends in fashion. Staying informed places you
ahead of the pack and you will always adjust on time. You should know
which dresses, shirts, shoes, colors and designs are the latest trends.

If you keep yourself aware of the changes in fashion tastes and
trends, your fashion style will always be admirable. However, if you
realize you are not aware of the current trends, then this could be a
sign that your clothing style is horrible and you need to do more.


Your wardrobe speaks a million words about your clothing style. Look
at it and examine your clothing collection. Is it appealing to you? Does
it include the latest designs and trends? Would you be happy to show
your wardrobe to a designer or a fashionist, or even your friends?

If you sincerely feel your wardrobe is unattractive to you and that
you are not comfortable in most of your clothes, then it means your
clothing style needs improvement.

Wardrobe room

What is your opinion on fashion? Have you ever been asked a question on
fashion and asked about your opinion about fashion and you were unable
to answer because you do not know? If you feel your opinions on fashion
are wanting and that you do not know much about it, then it means even
your clothing style is wanting. Your opinion is expressed through what
you wear. If you cannot have the right opinion regarding fashion, it
means whatever you wear is not the best.


If you do not have enough accessories, in a way it means that your
clothing style could be horrible and unattractive. Any piece of cloth
that is not backed by the right accessories is unappealing. Your
collection of sandals, necklaces, sunglasses, scarfs, handbags and
earrings goes a long way in defining your clothing style. If you are
lacking in these accessories, it means your clothing style is not one to
be proud of.

Shopping bag womanDefects and Imperfections

How often do you realize defects and imperfections in your clothing long
after you have left home? If you realize you are always discovering
defects and imperfections in your clothes, then it means you have a
terrible clothing style. It could be even worse if it is your colleagues
and friends or even total strangers who are telling you about them. If
you belong here, then it means you have much to do. Your clothing style
is poor and it needs improvement. Be keener on what you wear and choose
your clothing well.

Shopping Traits

When you go for shopping, how do you go about selecting the right
clothes? Are you sloppy? Are you indecisive and unaware of what you are
looking for? Well, if you realize you are unable to select the right
outfit for yourself, it probably means you do not know what you are
looking for. Even though you can buy clothes on impulse, they should
always add elegance to your fashion trend. Adopt the right shopping
traits and always buy what you need. If you do not clearly know the kind
of cloth you are looking for, you will always end up with the wrong
cloths. Buying the wrong cloths will not help you improve your clothing
style. Take your time and select the right outfits reflecting the latest
fashion trends.

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