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Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom

I have struggled with keeping my bedroom clean for my entire life. When
I was younger, it just wasn't important and now it seems that it ends
up being the catch-all for dirty and clean laundry, dog toys
and other random assorted things that get set down during the day.
Today I say "enough is enough" as I implement these 5 steps into my
cleaning routine!

1. Change The Sheets There's just something about a
freshly made bed that reminds me of my mother. It's like a linen-filled
guilt trip that instantly makes the rest of the room more dirty and
shameful. By starting here you're willing yourself to make everything
else in the space amazing to live up to the crisp, clean standard that
sheets set.

2. Remember that Everything Has Its Place
One of the most difficult assaults that our bedroom undergoes is the
constant struggle for everything to find its place. It's been
admittedly more difficult since a recent move and so things have been
slightly in upheaval — but by making sure all the little things have a
home, it ensures they're not on your floor or furniture. Make a
list of everything that hits the floor or top of your dresser for a
week and work on creating a solid home for those things. Belts beware,
you're about to get a permanent home so I'll quit stepping on you in the
middle of the night!

3. Surface Clean Once a Week
It's easy to forget about cleaning the surfaces in your bedroom.
Schedule time during your week (a few minutes every Saturday morning,
for example) to wipe down electronics, furniture, windowsills and
mirrors. When you do it each week instead of once a year, it can happen
on a commercial break while watching Top Chef even (though there's actually enough commercials on Bravo to clean your entire house by!). Done!

4. Pick Up After Pets
In our house we have two dogs. One sleeps in her own dog bed, the
other dives under the covers with us. It's easy to assume that as long
as one of them isn't yacking up dinner that there isn't much to clean up
after. They're easy-going laid back type dogs that don't require much
maintenance — but the more I looked, the more I was wrong. I know my
bedroom would be a healthier place if I took the time to vacuum the
sheets, dog bed and floors every other day like I do my sofa (for the
same reason). It would also help pick up the stray fluff from gutted
toys. My bedroom isn't a dog cave, but things would stay fresher longer
if this was implemented.

5. Thin Down, Throw It Out, Donate It Away It's easy
to accumulate clothes, shoes, and accessories you're not 100% in love
with. If you don't tailor your clothes then quite often you find
yourself struggling to find things that fit just right. Often pieces in
your closet will be a little short, a little funky, a little tight, a
little baggy — a little "something" that makes you not 100% in love with
them. Get them out, thin out what you have and let the things you love
shine. You'll always be happy to get dressed and have less to put away
or hang up. Our bedroom is extra guilty of this, but "enough is
enough" and we're headed to the thrift store this weekend!

| Apartment Therapy

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