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Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 Look-at-Me Ways to Show Off Your Collectibles

Collections can be weird, wonderful and as individual as you are,
but if no one gets to see them, the process of adding to them is not
nearly so much fun. Showcase your fabulous finds in their best light
with a nifty display idea that’s sure to get people talking.
1. Transform an entrance. Make your collection a feature to be admired the minute you walk in the door.

the collection to the confines of the wall space above a hall table or
cabinet is an effective way to show it off. Just about anything that can
be wall mounted is suitable, such as the collection of mirrors here,
and if you keep other display items to a minimum, your collection will
be the star attraction.

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2. Look for little-used spaces. What better place for a
hat collection than on a shelf above a doorway? These hats not only add
character to the room, they’re also easy to grab on the way out.
3. Cover an entire wall. If you have an art collection
that keeps growing, go all out on one expanse of wall and make a gallery
out of it. Keep the other walls relatively plain to balance out the

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4. Light up a glass cabinet. These gorgeous shell lamps
create a lovely look for this glass display case, but the same could be
true for many collections. Use lighting to showcase your collection —
stick-on LEDs can help to show a collection in its best light.

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5. Think outside the square. These weather vanes are
more than worthy of display, but mounting them on a wall could at first
seem like quite a feat. Where there’s a will, there’s a way with most
collections, though. Sturdy brackets or hooks could be all you need to
mount your fabulous finds in a spot in need of a little extra
personality. Positioning the animals so they’re facing inward helps to
define the grouping and tell a story.
6. Install floating shelves. Floating shelves like
these are inexpensive and easy to install. Use symmetry to align the
shelves with one another as well as with the other elements of the room,
then add your display items as haphazardly as you like.

More ways with floating shelves
7. Make the most of your mantelpiece. Mantelpieces are the perfect place for a smallish collection and can give your living room a real focal point.

The pieces in this vintage pottery collection have been beautifully arranged by height around the feather hat above.

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8. Don’t forget about your bathroom. Shallow shelves
inset into the wall could be just the thing for a collection, and the
bathroom could be an ideal place to put it. These bottles are filled
with sand collected from travels all over the world. What could you
display to bring back memories of your globetrotting adventures?

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9. Emphasize unity. If your collectibles can be framed,
keep every frame the same to draw attention to what’s inside rather
than the frames themselves. The same goes for collectibles, such as
these dried leaves mounted on paper. Their uniform backings turn the
many individual pieces into a pleasing whole.

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10. Add one special shelf. Instead of hanging artwork
on that empty wall over the couch, why not install a shelf for a display
that’s easy to change on a whim? Just about anything could work on a
shelf like this — just make sure it’s high enough that the tallest
family members or friends won’t give themselves a concussion trying to
sit down.

What do you collect? Please share your display ideas in the Comments section below.

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