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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Instagram Fave Friday: The Doctors Closet

Hey Hey Peeps! And no, you’re not reading the post title wrong, it’s
totally Saturday here where I live too despite this being called
Instagram Fave Friday. But I’m a little late
and I still wanted the post to go up so I could show you guys that
consistency means something to me despite how crazy upside down my
schedule is since becoming a mom! I wake up not knowing what day of the
week it is. I feel a bit like I’m in a dream, on vacation, on a roller
coaster and moving in slow motion – all at once and I love it but man,
I’m so glad I work from home because I don’t know how working moms who
have to leave each day do it. Props. But back to the point of this post —
Today let’s

droollook at another Instagramer I adore. An inspirational instagramer, so perhaps this is an Inspirgramer? Let’s look at The Doctors Closet or @doctorscloset on IG and you tell me if this is the stuff inspiration is made of or what.


 About this lady: Monika Hibbs, a Vancouver-blogger who talks about everything home and fashion related with a huge focus on her home. She also has an online shop (I want everything!). Here is a glimpse of her IG world.


As I was putting this post together, I saw that she’s a fan of Decorate With Flowers.
Makes me proud and happy to see Canadian fans!  Isn’t this all just so
pretty? Have a nice weekend everyone. xo (images: monika hibbs)

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