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Friday, April 18, 2014

Duchess Kate wears a white Zimmerman dress, jokes about Will’s baldness

Here are some photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William during their
visit to Manly Beach on Sydney’s North Shore in Australia today. They
also attended some kind of Easter/Good Friday fair where they interacted
with animals and farmers and such, which I’ll get to in a moment.
First, let’s talk about fashion. Kate wore her first
Australian-designer dress for today’s activities. This white
eyelet/lace dress is by Aussie designer Zimmerman. Thoughts? I don’t
hate it. It’s a pretty dress and it reminds me of something girly you
might buy for a very young child. Is it appropriate on a woman in her
30s? In my opinion, not really, but I might feel differently if I saw
the dress styled in a different way. I don’t care for the dress paired
with those high wedged sandals. Anyway, while Kate and William were
watching some farm animals at the fair, Kate cracked a joke about
William’s baldness. YOU IN DANGER, GURL.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke
of Cambridge visit Manly Beach on Sydney’s north shore, during their
royal tour of Australia In the past it has often been his brother Harry
ribbing Prince William about his thinning hair. But when the Duke and
Duchess of Cambridge visited Sydney’s Royal Easter show in Australia on
Friday, Kate couldn’t help but make a joke at her husband’s expense.
The Duchess cheekily teased her husband about his growing bald patch by
suggesting he wear an alpaca toupee.

As they toured large elaborate displays of produce, grouped by
Australian regions, one exhibitor Lyn Crejan, 67, talked about the
wealth of fruit and vegetables displayed in a colourful design behind
her. When she showed them a tuft of alpaca wool – which was a similar
shade of brown to the Duke’s hair – the Duchess joked about her husband
using it as a wig.

‘The princess said (the Duke) should put some on his head,’ said Lyn
Cregan, 67, from Glen Innes. ‘She pointed at him and said “You need it
more than me.” He laughed.’

When Ms Cregan revealed she used hair lacquer on the pumpkins to give
them extra shine, the Duke said he would try the trick next Halloween.
[From The Daily Mail]

Oh, this is not good. Kate has been doing a lot of that
passive-aggressive stuff on the tour, right? Whenever William insults
her dress, she runs right out and announces the insult to the peasants.
And now she’s shading his baldness in front of people?!! That’s it.
No more royal babies.

Kate also made a solo visit to a children’s hospice and she made a
speech! Here’s the video (she starts speaking around the 35-second

Well, it’s a slight improvement. She was more comfortable with the
words, so she only… looked down… every second or… third word… thank you
Duchess… Kate… for tossing… your hair so… much. And thank… you

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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