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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fashion Blogger Stages Terribly Stupid Shoot in Jewish Mausoleum

Fashion Blogger Stages Terribly Stupid Shoot in Jewish Mausoleum

A self-described "funemployed" Los Angeles fashion blogger recently made the ill-advised decision to post a series of shots taken in a not-so-fashiony location: a Jewish mausoleum. Which she then posted on the 59th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Because, like, totally fashion.
Twenty-three-year-old blogger Rachel Nguyen (whose blog is called That's Chic) described the shoot thusly:
The contrast of finding myself in a place I never want to be, in an outfit that I will wear for the rest of my life is slightly disturbing. But that's what you get when you hang out with kids in their teens and want to explore anything and everything around. That though, is a refreshing perspective that you lose as you grow up. And with all the changes I'm implementing in my life, curiosity is back up on the chart of mindfulness. Thank you Aaron and Karissa for reminding me what it feels like to genuinely not give a fuck.
I'm sure the families of the people buried in the mausoleum appreciate the gap in both your knowledge of basic history and understanding of human empathy, Rachel Nguyen. Way to not give a fuck!
Fashion Blogger Stages Terribly Stupid Shoot in Jewish Mausoleum
Of the people who commented on Nguyen's post, only one expressed trepidation over the juxtaposition of a girl gleefully "not giving a fuck" in a Jewish memorial on a day when the horror of the Holocaust was top of mind for Jewish people around the world. The other commenters were super happy to see how pretty her shoes were. Is this the fashion equivalent of Godwin -ing oneself?

Nguyen, meanwhile, is super stoked that she's been Facebook verified.

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