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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nice & Thrifty, Duchess Kate of repeats Dress


Duchess Kate and Prince William did some “work” today! Amazing! They took in the races last Friday, their first public appearance together in a long time (and it was just for fun too), and now here they are at an event for the Irish Guards to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. William was in one of his dress uniforms (he’s a colonel in the Irish Guards) and Kate wore the same green Emilia Wickstead coat dress that she wore last year to the exact same event… which is incredibly lazy, in my opinion. In all of the shopping she does, she couldn’t be bothered to pick up another green outfit? She had to repeat the same coat dress that she wore exactly one year ago on St. Patrick’s Day to the same annual event? I mean, I guess she styled it differently – she’s wearing a different hat, she removed the belt and last year, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the coatdress. You can read more about the event here.

During the event, Kate’s heel got caught in some kind of drainage grate, and she laughed and held on to William as she corrected her heel. It happens! I’m not going to slam her for that or anything, those are some of the cutest photos – William holding on to her hand to steady her as she fixes her shoe. Poor Katy. She’s going to need a lot of shopping and another vacation after this trying day.

Oh, and she’s wearing her hair back! That only happens once every four months or so. It happens so rarely, it’s a banner occasion! I know a lot of you are on Waity-Weave-Watch (which I sometimes see and sometimes I think it might be her real hair, so I don’t know), but I have question: she’s wearing some kind of hair piece in the back in these photos, right? She doesn’t have enough hair to put in that massive hairstyle, correct?

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